YAF.NET DNN Module 2.1

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Released: Dec 31, 2013
Updated: Feb 8, 2014 by tha_watcha
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Application YAF_DNN_2.10.0-5505.zip
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Source Code YAF_DNN_2.10.0-5505-SRC.zip
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Release Notes

Stability release. Changes & Fixes:
  • 298da4e6ef52b06e241cea6f35f59447d7f6e7bc - Fix for issues I've been seeing with Message Truncate.
  • 683378549d19b64f0fdb3080173335707ecb7828 - Attempting to figure out the issues with the spell checker.
  • c1fdd81b70fc6e4955b8df077c34e361a238a4bc - on to 2.1 BETA.
  • c03f4cebf355472d9df1895760a9d0fa9b189c02 - removed spell check option from the editor since the google api is no longer available
  • 0ab0829a4da0eb8ea8b77ec5205b47f0e72ec7b2 - fixed paste function in the ckeditor
  • df19b62fc3ddc93cce71821e1cb46d3919dc8d3f - disabled message history for guests (closes #43)
  • c30d5c0ea57b3d62fd950a0ec986fb7f2c275d54 - better handling for protocol less urls for the google widget bbcode
  • cd951711931e793cbebf4a5f306ef049eee6a4e7 - added missing bbcode description localizations + added dailymotion and tweet embed as bbcodes
  • 4e07306a70a889ba584e677d1d5b3ef025538829 - from the admin user page you can now report a user as bot stopforumspam key is required (closes #34)
  • 749694028a32f5797899805e5142db926f3d3f37 - forgot 2 files (closes #44)
  • 205933119cd6598282214529fe4c909ad273364e - fixed user export (closed #46)
  • 7ba38eab1815fd2f0c755424f50ce69aaedfb5ed - tiny refactoring
  • 9410c38af6bf964fa3a3bb3819a42400e19fd028 - removed trust limit for remote avatars, because it works also in medium trust
  • 0417cec068c42105dd6bad6aac83efe0f794876a - fixed urls in the retweet text
  • 7a3f0b08e2cdcadaa9520d7056ea0c10332d102e - upgraded to latest tiny_mce + removed old files from project
  • dbfb375eedc5d1b165141bf68c81686deb32586a - fixed case sensitive issue in the sp's
  • aee03f56fbf733b47c3f34d9787b6efc18413762 - create new admin should be disabled in dnn here
  • 43d9b627bb1a6bfa013f099868201fd338da5cad - that doesnt work (closes #47)
  • 582e68c293c04dce89f6e5c116cd7270df5f3db4 - fixed board deleting
  • 93e244765a71dca89920e6c347f9c6c055eb57a9 - tiny fixes
  • 9fc47d67f824271256736003146d62fa4bf54105 - fixed an exception when geo location is enabled and tested on localhost
  • 040d3460a5bf09770627a42d84f36f5ac882e14f - corrected description (closes #51)
  • fa4a70a3067cb7008ba28fade4b2781e365fcf0b - youtube bbcode can now handle non secure and secure urls (closes #48)
  • 86bc2f4c2389f8e71e9d0857cbec775c14b4d47f - fixed issue where reputationvoting was not completly deleted when deleting a user
  • 47556f4c398de2bd6ba1b318ec233f4b5ce04c37 - fixed find unread function (closes #49)
  • 7858ac85dcf4aa505de8f36796f5011a21a68af3 - Auth Notify admin link now points to the user
  • 5926582564b93b91f5f89d51631ddbb0e47eb0cc - fixed first part of issue #55
  • 6d535f7f798c75d4675c6f2b0087daab6ca7fa16 - removed rest of the irkoo stuff
  • 4264c3d0fd6a5fe094549f4d1c8b2f4e2e6dc23a - fixed issue with pager links + redesigned pager links for the advanced url builder
  • 0976c97aeae8ef98c1db304bf4faab6ef12c2cd8 - proper fix for lastpost/unread links
  • 4a2733c158962a86b129dc5b3cdb5edb37560559 - DisplayAd bug fix
  • 3c2c5795729c1df7b3decfd06c042aba9f0c845c - small optimizations
  • 163e0c016087d4c2b8b625d807ce0b1eaa417195 - Fix for #62 -- Removed usage of HttpApplication.
  • 8d3c30b413fbd15df43cb8f2a3e557f52526ecdb - Put exception in place to help fix #65 -- probably won't fix the problem but will at least bring the issue to light which I'm almost positive is SQL related.
  • 79e26d8b5a48829e3cdea468c3fc30625cfb8418 - Cleaned up the code a bit and added a check OnPreRender for a valid TopicRow -- otherwise an exception is thrown. Hopefully will help figure out issue and fix #26.
  • e18feac8da1f18ddcb1c22fdb311caac8e3f2700 - Completed Done #11. Also improved the PageLink code since it hadn't been touched in years.
  • b12f9030154230afe5e8fe6566f0a204e79a9a3c - Improving this code intention a bit. Made the PageLinks a Fluent API. Removed some crud.
  • 9eb7303f1b22c542d459e3fc43d6552e5761e062 - fixed farsi jquery-ui datepicker
  • 907bf927c9631aba26dcb43b0101fc8159e2a4c7 - testing protocol less img bbcode
  • 4e236d44e14b28ff63403991ba3f5eac5e4abe28 - preparations for tapatalk
  • 503b5dab388b76488b692d98afdf937e6b2fa9bc - Fixed wrong encoded emails, which appear with chinese chars (closes #21)
  • b42175551ebba56efe6c8640a3cab1b35b69ea8a - fix layout issue in dnn 7.2 or above
  • 513d42c037b4462ddef8907a49b17b318ed3bde9 - Improved send mail using .NET v4.0 conventions (dispose pattern -- also not creating multiple smtp clients per send).
  • 301b6485673303829004029c7b22d106dd5bef1e - Cleaned up the ISendMail interface by merging calls. Fixed some debug logging in SendMailThreaded. Improved the speed at which emails are sent via SPROC and frequency.
  • 2dc474954b2035bbbd61e8e5ac372d91e08e42bb - Fixed #74 Should pull in a way that will fail if the transactions step on each other. It will also pull more emails at a time.
  • 7e7ea1fd266ccce20e664bb8a96d0913aea51638 - Added Current App Domain Loading of Extension Assemblies in addition to scanned assemblies plus debug out of all scanned assemblies.
  • 9f4c99639ce10f4c7f2988430ee0c8a4a3158eb6 - Fixes issue #75 -- page link url now supports null again.
  • 47ad0738c5313419dddf7a2f90f7c1b8d664ace6 - added custom method to encode user input to prevent xss but not encode unicode chars (closes #76)
  • cf291a95e4d895a6c734a67aeb36926f5edf409a - Fixed Report user to stopforumspam when user has no posts (closes #77)
  • d0cf5450500bef8d734b4c4202bf32991d0b49e3 - added event logging for user reporting
  • 215948a471413137bb2e2536a41e43a23b3e0381 - tiny fix for some bbcode urls with a encoded : sign
  • 9b9a9d6d59b199c9acaadbb637bb0fb3399d4bc0 - fixed #50 geolocation service should no longer throw an exception on the register page
  • 0c2cbba9e0384306325c45d362acfa0901a5a237 - simplified the lastpost links, no longer there is the need for an reredirect
  • 03eb12d589360a0ac794284c05d2134ef7f08add - A little cleanup.
  • 817f1f0a9104e5e62485eaea56cb9c85c9462276 - Upgraded to Latest Autofac. Also, switched to using IModule for Data.MsSQL.

Reviews for this release

There were some glitches at first, but the watcha promptly addressed them as always and everything works great now! Thanks Mr. Watcha for your hard work! :)
by apluspcct on Jan 31, 2014 at 1:03 AM