YAF.NET DNN Module 2.2.0

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Released: Feb 1, 2015
Updated: Feb 1, 2015 by tha_watcha
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Application YAF_DNN_2.20.0-5710.zip
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Application YAF_DNN_2.20.0-5710-SRC.zip
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Release Notes

New Features:

  • 18(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/18): Added Sorting/Paging for Active Users Page
  • 18(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/18): Added Sorting/Paging for Active Users and Unverified Users on the Admin Page
  • 229(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/229): Topics List on the MoveMessage Page are now loaded paged via ajax
  • 191(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/191): YAF.NET is now compatible with Azure
  • 112(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/112): Intuitive Posting of Photos
  • 230(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/230): Thousand Separator in Active Users
  • 198(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/198): Display of user's medal in his profile
  • 196(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/196): Spam email address import needs additional check
  • 181(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/181): Restore Previous Message Button on the Message History Page
  • 168(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/168): added Ability to send replies with Ctrl-Enter
  • 163(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/163): Add a "resend confirmation email" functionality
  • 158(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/158): Optional Connect Message is now shown after the first message
  • 154(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/154): added new spam event log page to the spam protection section of the admin area
  • 146(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/146): seo improvments for meta title,description,keywords
  • 133(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/133): forum description is now optional
  • 129(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/154): number of shown subforum can be defined in the host settings
  • 123(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/123): Save Avatars in Physical folder
  • 105(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/105): Automatic YouTube link recognition
  • 103(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/103): Welcome mail to new members upon successfully verified registration
  • 102(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/102): Display similar threads and topics
  • 100(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/100): View topic started by xxxx" instead of just "View topic" in Active Discussions list
  • added new eventlog filter for "detected a banned ip"
  • added ability to search for post titles only
  • existing bbcode extensions can now be upgraded during an upgrade
  • moved to no Captcha reCAPTCHA
  • Re-designed install wizard
  • CSS Files are now combined
  • JS Files are now combined
  • Switched from syntaxhighlighter to Prism.js

Fixed Issues:

  • 215(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/215): added missing Board Name to mass emails
  • 214(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/214): added missing {databaseOwner}
  • 209(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/209): Fixed group name parameter length to match the length of database field
  • 202(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/202): Spam check now also checks for google/facebook accounts
  • 196(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/196): added check if import email address is an email
  • 195(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/195): Unapproved Posts go to RSS
  • 182(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/182): twitter hover card not working
  • 180(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/180): rss fixes
  • 179(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/179): Multiple email notifications on the same event
  • 173(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/173): "kill user" fails for users with no IP
  • 172(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/172): Country list not sorted by country name
  • 170(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/170): updated time zone names for Russian cities
  • 169(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/169): Focus on text controls for search
  • 165(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/165): deleting a topic
  • 161(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/161): Country list null object in Event Log
  • 157(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/157): Img tag links get extra // in IE
  • 155(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/155): fix for banned ip when banned ip is "::1"
  • 152(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/152): Cannot log out of Moderator from IE11
  • 148(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/148): Tweaked the Meta Content
  • 78(https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/78): Editing Medal's throws error and logs me out
  • fixed nvarchar length in role name parameters
  • fixed page title set on the popup page
  • removed not working spell button
  • fixed issue with the postid anchor
  • timeago loading issue fixed
  • security fix rss topic feeds showed wrong forum topics
  • register link on the login page now goes to the roles page if enabled
  • new index to increase sql performance
  • fixed message converting when user quotes a html message with an bbcode editor
  • Security XSS Preventing Fixes
  • fixed an issue where the user was automatically logged out when the logout url was used inside an img bbcode
  • fixed some exceptions caused by spam bots
  • Posts in Forum RSS Feed are now correctly sorted
  • Wrong email template for Message Approval Mail

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